sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013

T KAIL - Somewhere Sometime [USA psychedelic 1980]

After Bobb Trimble’s work, this is the best 80s psych album. In fact, at least for side one I’d go out on a limb and rank it the very best co-ed San Francisco-style psych album. In the tradition of the best latter day psych, it clearly is influenced by the golden age of West Coast music, but sounds completely of its time as well. This is no simple throwback or derivative work; it’s a wholly unique and distinctive album that combines a very wide and unlikely set of influences in creative and wonderful ways.... It’s a wonderful album. Highest among the many pleasures is the absolutely stunning title track, which benefits from a chill-inducing vocal from Kathy Bass. The long guitar solo on “Bye Bye” is also a winner, in the best tradition of Quicksilver Messenger Service or Tripsichord Music Box...


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