miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

ALBERT LEE - Black Claw & Country Fever [UK rural country rock 1991] Line Records

These recordings all in fact emanate from the sesions produced by Derek Lawrence back in 1968-70 which yielded the handful of hugely enjoyable (and nowadays highly collectable) Bell singles which appeared at the time, and the promise of albums to come - which until now have languished unheard/unreleased/neglected in the vaults of De Lane Lea's studios in Wembley. These sessions have, of course, achieved something approaching legendary status over the ensuing twenty-odd years: much coveted by both Albert and Chas afficianados, a few dodgy tapes have circulated, and the records themselves have gradually become massively overpriced collectors' items. Five singles appeared: "That's All Right"/"Best I Can"; credited to Albert Lee; "Tears Of Rage"/"Too Much Of Nothing" credited to Country Fever; "Accross The Gread Divide"/"Sally" credited to Black Claw (although "Good Times" appeared as the A-side in the US, on Lawrence's own Revolver label); "I'm A Preacher"/"In Our Sweet Time" by the Derek Lawrence Statement; and "Baby I Love Love You"/"Come Back To My Lonely World" by Tony Wilson. Rumours as to the identity of the remaining tracks have long circulated - and at long last, here they are. 

L e e

martes, 19 de enero de 2016

Bare Sole - Flash [Uk 1969]

Previously unreleased demo album from 1969, UK.

The loudest band from Hull in the 60s, Bare Sole played raw, in- your- face psychedelic hard rock and heavy blues.

Bare Sole

John Phillips - Pussycat 2008

This is the long-lost album that John Phillips recorded as the first solo artist signed to Rolling Stones Records in 1976. Produced by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, the album reunited them in the studio for the first time with ex-Stones member Mick Taylor and also features his replacement, Ron Wood. Pussycat presents for the first time the recently-located original '70s mix of the album, together with newly-discovered outtakes and material from the 1976 sessions for Phillips's soundtrack to the film The Man Who Fell To Earth, starring David Bowie.