jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

EPICYCLE - You're Not Gonna Get It [USA 1978-81] 2013 HoZac Records

Epicycle was the band that Ellis Clark (then known as Andrew Clark) founded in 1977. Epicycle went through 3 incarnations before it settled into its most commonly known line-up which consisted of Ellis (Andrew) Clark/Lead Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards, Robert Conte/Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar, Terry Turner/Guitar & Back Up Vocals, Keith Fox/ Drums (1979-1980) later to be replaced by Ellis Clark's brother Tom Clark/Drums (1980-1982).

During the years 1979-1981, Epicycle released 2 extended play 7-inch records, a 7 inch single ("School Girls" backed with "Residential Area") and a 12 song LP album entitled "Epicycle Special First Edition" all on their own label Cirkle Records. 


miércoles, 27 de julio de 2016

PRIX - Historix [USA power pop 1975-1976] HoZac Records 2016

Featuring exclusive 1975-76 Ardent Studios recordings with Tommy Hoehn, Jon Tiven, Chris Bell and Alex Chilton (from BIG STAR), as well as Rick Clark, Hilly Michaels and Jim Dickinson. HoZac Archival features the complete PRIX recordings, an essential Memphis power pop masterpiece that was sadly only available in Japan on CD-only in the early 2000s, first time on vinyl for most of these tracks.


martes, 26 de julio de 2016

Los Pepes - For Everyone 2014 (Wanda Records WR066)

LOS PEPES are a punkrock- / powerpop-three piece, which got together 2012 in London and whose sound on the one side is deeply inspired of 77-heroes such as the TESTORS, Johnny Thunders, ZEROS or BOYS, but on the other hand also adds this pop-sensitivity and harmonies of forgotten (garage-)powerpop-jewels, as to be found on old Nuggets- and Pebbels-compilations, to it: Loud, frantic and raw, but always still with that necessary amount of sugarcoating on top!


Tyll - Sexphonie 1975 (Kerston 65025)

Sexphonie was the only album featuring Tyll, a truly talented and versatile band. They weren’t together long, but left a lasting impression. Tyll were founded in 1975, and by the time the year was over. the band was history. Despite being together less than a year, Tyll left behind a  memorable musical legacy. That’s their groundbreaking debut album Sexphonie. If finds Tyll switching seamlessly between musical genres, as they create what’s nowadays regarded as a hidden gem and a lost Krautrock cult classic, Sexphonie.