sábado, 30 de noviembre de 2013

MODERNETTES - Ten City [Canada 1980]

The Modernettes' Teen City EP is one of the Vancouver punk scene's best records. Each track is a clever punk classic inspired by the Ramones and the Velvet Underground. The album begins with The Modernettes' most famous song, "Barbara," leading into more lyrically complex songs. "Barbara" is a tale of teen desire that is reminiscent of the Ramones but not as overly simplified. Buck Cherry breaks into a strong solo in the middle of the song, showing his prowess on the guitar. The Modernettes were a very tight and gifted trio that was cable of writing various punk classics in various tones. "Celebrity Crackup" offers a warning about the downfalls of fame, something The Modernettes unfortunately never had to worry about. Throughout the different subject matter covered on the album, The Modernettes maintain a distinctive sound without repeating themselves. The song "Teen City" closes the album just as it began with another teenage fantasy. "Teen City" captures the feelings of the rock & roll-loving teens in Vancouver. Complaints about the constant rain and lack of good rock & roll clubs give rise to the demand for the "Teen City." The Teen City EP is a monument to Buck Cherry, Mary Jo-Kopechne, Jughead, and the honest rock & roll they created.


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