viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

THE UNHEARD OF - Metaphysical Carnival [USA 1999] double single

Band from Richfield,Wisconsin offers 4 tracks (in two separete 7"s) of snarling,dark and psychedelic garage rock.


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tlp.drdogood dijo...

Many thanks my friend. I have the lonely teardrops single but not this one. Great blog.

geololo dijo...

Hello Woody, this is a great post, like so many others here. Could ypu please repost the album "Of Revoxination", released by the Unheard in 2001 ? The file that I got from your previous blog was password protected with no indication of the pass.
Thank you very much.Congratulations for your blog.
Please keep on with the faith and the hard work !

Bad Brain dijo...

is possible reupload this single ?