jueves, 4 de agosto de 2011

HUMAN SWITCHBOARD - Who's landing in my hangar [USA 1981]

The Human Switchboard formed in 1977 when Bob Pfeifer met Myrna Marcarian at Syracuse University. They spent that summer back in Cleveland, where Pfeifer grew up. They, along with drummer Ron Metz, recorded an EP of four songs, enlisting David Thomas of Pere Ubu to mix the tapes. The EP was self released during that fall............ an IRS label subsidiary name Faulty Products signed the Human Switchboard to what was to become their only studio LP. It was aptly named 'Who's Landing in My Hangar'. The two tracks recorded for Rough Trade ('Who's Landing in My Hangar?' and 'I Can Walk Alone') were included along with eight newer tunes. The bass playing chores on the new songs was shared among two players, Paul Hamann the studio engineer and the newest band member, Steve Calabria.


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