lunes, 15 de abril de 2019

SMALL WORLD - Slight Detour [UK revival mod 1980-85] 1999 Detour Records DRCD 019

This double album takes you through their recording career from 1980 to 1985.

Small World were at the forefront of the 80s Mod revival scene, the music press loved them (Sounds dedicated a whole page to them), fans adored them and there’s no doubt that Small World went down as one of the best Mod Bands of the era. At the height of Small World's Career, their fan club topped over 600 members.  Following a brief reformation in the Summer of 1998 playing live at the Untouchables Brighton Mod rally, Small World recently appeared at the Massive Mods Mayday event on the May Bank Holiday of 1999 at the Forum London.

Small World

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