lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

JOKERS WILD - Liquid Giraffe [USA garage hard psych 1967-69] Shadoks Music 159

Heavy underground rock with great composed songs, fuzz guitars, speedy drums and tight bass lines.

If you think The Litter is the one you should listen to Jokers Wild.

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RickK dijo...

Hello, I've tried and tried and I simply cannot access netkups to download anytrhing. this isn't jus ton your site, it's evey site. I always ge the try again later comment. is there any possible way you could re-up the t-kail somewhere sometime on another DL service? T-kail is the one I really want to hear.

thanks for listening
Rick Karcasheff

Boris dijo...

Hello. May I ask you to upload whole album? I can't find it anywhere in the web.