jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013


Vince Maloney

This vocalist and guitarist was a veteran of many sixties groups. Often spelt Melouney, he was in The Vibratones, a Sydney instrumental band who evolved into The Aztecs. He spent 1964-65 in Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs before setting up the short-lived Vince and Tony's Two (with Tony Barber) and his own Vince Maloney's Sect later in 1966. This too was short-lived and followed by spells in The Bee Gees, Ashton, Gardner and Dyke (in the U.K.), Fanny Adams, The Cleves, Flute (a Melbourne band, which existed for only two months and included Leo De Castro before he formed Friends), McAskill, Levi Smith's Clefs and Hot Rocks.

Vince Maloney's Sect

Formed by Maloney in Melbourne in 1966, after Tony Barber had left Vince and Tony's Two, they had a residency on the 'Kommotion' T.V. show. Their cover of U.K. band The Birds' No Good Without You is considered a bit special and their EP included their 45 and two additional tracks; Sticks And Stones and Watch Your Step.
When Maloney was given the opportunity of joining The Bee Gees in England, the writing was on the wall for the 'Sect although Jim Thompson and John Shields formed The Little Bits, backing Peter Doyle and Billy Taylor joined Chirs Hall and The Torquays, Flake and Blackfeather.