sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

THE SIDEWALKS - Rhythm Kids [USA 1980-1982]

Milwaukee 1981. The Sidewalks (famed for "(Keep your Hands off) Natalie" from Teenline 102) were just a bit younger than the Shivvers, Spooner and the RPMs (not to mention the Shoes) and as a result they had more than a little trouble getting into the few Southern and central Wisconsin clubs that still supported pop bands. But the music is terrific straight-ahead garage-pop. Fifteen tracks from the single and three studio sessions: we hadta rescue and remix a fair amount of this from aging cassettes, but you'll like the result


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SLP dijo...

Very good post. I've liked this a lot.

josechu modforever dijo...

Me gustan!!!!

Woody dijo...

Ya lo creo, sonaban muy bien.