viernes, 15 de marzo de 2019

YURI MOROZOV - Cherry Garden Of Jimi Hendrix [Russia psychedelic rock 1973-76] 2014 Shadoks Music 167

Morozov may be Russia’s most prolific artist, with estimates of more than 100 albums in his discography before his passing in 2006. This reissue of his 1973 masterpiece (hailed as “Russia’s first psychedelic album”) appends a healthy selection of bonus tracks from the same period (ca. ’74-’76). The variety of musical styles is staggering, from Beatlesque pop (McCartney is rumoured to contribute drums to one track!) to experimental musique concrete to avant garde jazzy skronk to eerie, haunted house organs (most of which are present in the offbeat opener “The Day Will Come”. Morozov recorded everything himself in his homegrown studio, often with homemade mixers and other recording equipment. Like Bevis Frond, Balduin, and Rick Corcoran, Morozov squeezes as much as possible out of his primitive surroundings, often dropping every sound effect he could muster into the proceedings.

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