miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT - The Psilocybic Mind EP [USA garage psych 2002]

Based in Tucscon, Arizona, the group made a convincing enough case for itself, with its Kinks and Yardbirds-influenced originals and covers, that it made it as far as stages across the United States, Canada, and western Europe, charting high on some college radio listings in the process. They recorded a series singles, EPs, and LPs for Dionysus Records in Los Angeles.

Timothy Gassen

martes, 26 de marzo de 2013

THE TELL TALE HEARTS - 'Take A Look Inside'/'I'm Ready' (Nevermore Records) 1990

This was the last Tell Tale Hearts single to be released and it's a fitting way to go out with two sides of purist endeavour. By now the line-up hardly resembled the original band with only Mike Stax and Bill Calhoun remaining. No one appears to have been able to fill lead guitar duties and the licks were provided by associate Carl Rusk.

Tell-Tale Hearts

jueves, 14 de marzo de 2013


Vince Maloney

This vocalist and guitarist was a veteran of many sixties groups. Often spelt Melouney, he was in The Vibratones, a Sydney instrumental band who evolved into The Aztecs. He spent 1964-65 in Billy Thorpe and The Aztecs before setting up the short-lived Vince and Tony's Two (with Tony Barber) and his own Vince Maloney's Sect later in 1966. This too was short-lived and followed by spells in The Bee Gees, Ashton, Gardner and Dyke (in the U.K.), Fanny Adams, The Cleves, Flute (a Melbourne band, which existed for only two months and included Leo De Castro before he formed Friends), McAskill, Levi Smith's Clefs and Hot Rocks.

Vince Maloney's Sect

Formed by Maloney in Melbourne in 1966, after Tony Barber had left Vince and Tony's Two, they had a residency on the 'Kommotion' T.V. show. Their cover of U.K. band The Birds' No Good Without You is considered a bit special and their EP included their 45 and two additional tracks; Sticks And Stones and Watch Your Step.
When Maloney was given the opportunity of joining The Bee Gees in England, the writing was on the wall for the 'Sect although Jim Thompson and John Shields formed The Little Bits, backing Peter Doyle and Billy Taylor joined Chirs Hall and The Torquays, Flake and Blackfeather.

THE CHUD - Silhouettes Of Sound [GER 1986]

Fantastic organ driven and garage psych debut LP from Berlin timehole diggers, The Chud. They acted second half of 80`s, and made one more LP called "Mirage".

The Chud

domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

The Killermeters - Metric Noise [UK 1978-1981]

Back in 1979 when the original Mod revival took the Country by such storm there were a handful of Mod bands that stood out proud above the others. The Chords, Secret Affair, The Purple Hearts and Squire to name just a few. Hot on their heels were the Killermeters, not quite so well known but well accepted by the music press of the day. Full pages were written in Sounds and the NME and a minor hit was nicely tucked under their belts courtesy of RCA. Becoming the pride of the North the Killermeters stuck around for a number of years until they split in the early 80s. Like so many others the Killermeters started life as a punk band the "Killer Meters" as they were then, split in 1978, reforming in the October as the mod band The Killermeters, kicking back into life with a new song that said it all; "Back In Business". During their time they were warned by John Peel that the Mod image would lead them down a blind alley but they were also raved about in Sounds by Gary Bushell, supported Secret Affair and the Undertones and finally went on tour with Eddie and the Hot Rods. Unfortunately the tour was to leave them badly in the red and as a result the Killermeters finally came to an end, coming back to life as Soldiers are Dreamers in 1981, taking their name from the Sassoon poem. This double album takes the listener through the legend that was the Killermeters. With tracks taken from various sources this is the definitive Killermeters recordings including demo versions of their better known tracks "Twisted Wheel" and "SX225".


The Kinks - At the BBC [UK 60s-70s]

This release is collated from all of the BBC owned Kinks recordings that still exist in the archive and charts the inexorable rise of the band: from the first steps on the Pye label, to the glory days as one of the greatest acts of all time. The BBC gave the band a platform and support at crucial stages in their career and “The Kinks at the BBC” could be seen essentially as an alternate Greatest Hits, a musical growing up in public.


sábado, 9 de marzo de 2013

The Nomads - Where the Wolf Bane Blooms [SW 1983]

The Nomads are a Swedish garage punk band founded in 1981 by Hans Östlund, Nick Vahlberg, Joakim Tärnström and Ed Johnson. Today, Östlund and Vahlberg are the only members left of the original line-up.
The band plays music influenced by the MC5, The Stooges, Roky Erikson, The Cramps, The Ramones, New York Dolls and other early garage rock and punk bands.[1] The Nomads have been an influential band in the Scandinavian garage rock and punk scenes, inspiring bands such as The Hives, Hellacopters, Gluecifer, and many others

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VVAA - Muziek Expres [The Complete Single Collection [NL 1965-1967]

`Muziek Expres` started out in 1965 as Dutch music magazine gaining them a reputation as THE music mag of the mid 60`s in Holland. Trying to be on top of all wild developments that took place during those days the magazine started a label called `Op-Art` later to evolve into `Yep` were they released some 15 singles between 1965 and 1967 by the then new and upcoming Dutch `Beat` bands such as OUTSIDERS, BINTANGS, GROUP 1850, ZIPPS, etc.. On this double LP Pseudonym have collected all tracks ever recorded for and released on the `Op-Art/`Yep` labels including 2 unreleased versions by THE BUMBLE BEES, later to be released in `cleaned` versions on Philips.

Muziek Express