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VIBRAVOID - 2001 Love Is Freedom [Germany psychedelic 2001] Triggerfish Music TFM 006 CD

German psychedelic band from Düsseldorf, Vibravoid, are one of the most important trendsetters of the current psychedelic scene and after more than 20 years. 

Vibravoid first album

lunes, 4 de junio de 2018

FREDDY LYNXX & THE CORNER GANG - Bloodied Up [FR rock punk 1999] Julie Records BABE 001

From the Rockbrat Archives: Freddy Lynxx Interview 1999:
Freddy, you have a new album recorded and about to be released. Can you tell us a little about it ?
The title is ‘BLOODIED UP’ and it has been recorded in NY City at the famous Tin Pan Alley studios by Patrick Klein with lots of my great rock ‘n’ roll friends such as Kevin K, Mr Ratboy, the Senders and Elda Gentile to name but a few.

The songs sound consistently strong, and the album itself sounds very complete. Personally, I think it’s your strongest album by far. Would you agree ?
I don’t know, as I still have 2 other albums recorded in the same vain, so that’s really impossible for me to say.

The concept of using some classic lines from the spaghetti western films as song intros really adds to the authentic, gutsy feel of the album. Can we expect Dirty Harry on the next album ? 
I guess so, plus Mr Smith & Wesson !  

Will you be touring soon to support the album’s release ? There’s a tour that should start next year. Maybe March or April but the booking agency has suggested we’ll have to wait ’til the press review the album.  

What’s 2000 hold in store for Freddy Lynxx at this stage ? Nothing at all! But it should be fine for rock ‘n’ roll as in China it will be the year of the Dragon.  

Favourite Australian band ? Early AC/DC with Bon Scott (RIP), the Saints, Radio Birdman, Hoss.  

Shakin Street or Telephone ? 

None of them. For me it was a band called Extraballe. The best French lyrics, music and male singer.

A message for all Cat Scratch Fever readers and Freddy Lynxx fans out  there? 
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Freddy Lynxx

RICK BLAZE AND WALTER LURE - Live in NYC [USA rock punk 1994] Dionysus Records 123320.2

A Johnny Thunders 'tribute', recorded live at CBGBs. Even NYC hippy legend David Peel makes an appearance.


HOODOO GURUS - Bite The Bullet - Director's Cut [Australia rock 1998] Mushroom MUSH33156.5

Bite the Bullet – Director's Cut, consisting of Bite the Bullet (Live) (a live farewell tour set), Doppelgänger: Live-to-Air Broadcasts '83 – '96 (Triple J Live at the Wireless performances) and Bubble & Squeak: Outtakes and Oddities (a rarities collection).

Hoodoo Gurus

domingo, 8 de abril de 2018

VVAA - Transparent Days - West Coast Nuggets [USA psychedelic 1967] 2017 Rhino Records R1 560061

Rhino's "Summer Of Love" series continues with Transparent Days - West Coast Nuggets, a thorough survey of psychedelic rock digs recorded in the '60s. The tracks are from left coast bands/artists, some making music independently in garages to others signed to labels and working in proper studios, and they have been carefully curated to represent the musical mood and vibe of the convergence of free thinking, sexual freedom, drug use, & creative expression that we've come to know as The Summer of Love. 16 tracks in all, must listens include: "Transparent Day" by The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Brand Windy - The Association, "The Race Is Run" by The Motleys," "Here's Today" by The Rosa Garden, "She's My Baby" by The Mojo Men, and "I Could Be Happy" by The Dovers.


jueves, 22 de marzo de 2018

THE BROTHERHOOD - Stavia [USA garage psychedelic 1972] 2017 Out-Sider OSRCD065

In 1972, Ohio based band THE BROTHERHOOD released their only album, “Stavia”. It was a private edition of 200 copies, pressed at the legendary Rite custom plant. This rare album is a good example of US acid-rock / hippie psych with slight soul & funk influences: fantastic playing, swirling organ, powerful vocals, top guitar shredding, flute…
“Stavia” has always been one of those shrouded in mystery albums, so rare that some collectors even doubted about its existence. Bootlegged in the ‘90s in a butchered edition that included two songs from an unrelated band, here’s the first ever legit vinyl reissue. 


viernes, 9 de marzo de 2018

QUICKSILVER MESSENGER SERVICE - Live At The Summer Of Love [USA psychedelic 1967] 2011 Bear Records FLOATD 6115

Quicksilver Messenger Service are widely regarded as one of the 1960's San Francisco acid rock scene’s lost opportunities. Although they were among the first to convene, they were sidetracked by the imprisonment of founder Dino Valente on drug charges and didn’t get around to releasing their self-titled debut album until 1968.

That said, they’ve acquired a dedicated following thanks to the signature work of guitarists John Cippolina (much-admired by such players as Ghost member and Boris associate Michio Kurihara, among others) and Gary Duncan.

Fortunately for their devotees, soundman and acid guru Owsley Stanley recorded many of their shows, allowing fans to check out their sound prior to their official (and some say best) album ‘Happy Trails’ from 1969.
The recordings on ‘Live At The Summer Of Love’ predate their debut’s May 1968 release (in the case of the latest of the three shows, by only a month) and come from the Fillmore Auditorium and the Carousel Ballroom (to be purchased and renamed the Fillmore West by Billy Graham just a few months later).

The two-disc set kicks of with QMS’s trademark workout of Bo Diddley’s ‘Mona’, which gets stretched out past the eight-minute mark, and starts off with an introduction promising a few numbers from their oft-incarcerated leader Dino Valenti and a following set from Jefferson Airplane. Then it jumps ahead in time to a ‘Walkin’ Blues’ taken from a later Carousel show before romping through a varied set of heavily reconfigured and distended blues tunes (such as the Willie Dixon penned Howlin’ Wolf tune ‘Back Door Man’, ‘ Smiley Lewis’ evergreen ‘I Hear You Knocking’ and ‘Hoochie Coochie Man’). They also play several of their own compositions, such as their instrumental mainstay ‘Gold and Silver’, ‘Dino’s Song’ and some folk tunes - the San Francisco staple ‘Codeine’ and Ann Bredon’s ‘I’m Gonna Leave You’, given later life by Joan Baez and later given its most histrionic treatment by Led Zeppelin on their 1969 debut, the trad murder ballad ‘Duncan and Brady’ and folkie Hamilton Camp’s classic ‘Pride Of Man’. There’s also at least one obscurity to tantalize the QMS fan (not that they will need much more encouragement to pick up the set), in ‘Year Of The Outrage’.

There’s more of the same on the second CD, with Cippolina and Duncan’s guitars twining and turning through another Bo Diddley stomper, ‘Who Do You Love?’ Rufus Thomas’ ‘All Night Worker’, Ben E. King’s ‘Stand By Me’ ‘Drivin’ Wheel (It’s Been Too Long)’ and ‘You Don’t Love Me’ among others.

While not the first place to stop for those unfamiliar with Quicksilver Messenger Service, ‘Live At The Summer Love’ is an excellent introduction to the group’s live output and a good window into their early years.

Live At The Summer Of Love