jueves, 20 de noviembre de 2014

JOKERS WILD - Liquid Giraffe [USA garage psych 1967-69] Shadoks Music 159

Jokers Wild recorded three singles between 1967 and 1969 in Minnesota but the complete Liquid Giraffe was never released. Starting as a five-man band, most of the material was recorded by three main members: Lonnie KnightDenny Johnson, andPete Huber. Lonnie Knight later became the guitarist for The Litter, but only for a while. He eventually returned to Jokers Wild. What a powerful band this is. Huge amp stacks guaranteed a "wall of sound" on stage, and they had a double bass drum and cool outfits. Damin Eih, A.L.K., And Brother Clark wrote: "In '67 I saw two local bands that again amped up the juice, The Litter and Jokers Wild. Both bands played original music and had excellent psychedelic-raved guitar players, Zippy Caplan (Litter) and Lonnie Knight (Jokers Wild). That brought everything to a new level." Heavy underground rock with great composed songs, fuzz guitars, speedy drums, and tight bass lines. If you like The Litter, you should listen to Jokers Wild.

LOGOS - Firesides and Guitars 1974

Firesides and Guitars is the sole output of mysterious folk group Logos, a trio of three siblings from Kansas that produced this instantly vanishing private pressing of their gentle, home-recorded folk tunes in 1974. Logos were one of thousands of aspiring artists pressing small editions of their songs in the early '70s. Most of these acts faded into the ether, but some benefited from being just strange enough, tuneful enough, or somehow ahead of their time to be rediscovered by future generations. Firesides and Guitars presents 12 tunes of soft, semi-hip folk sung effusively by 16-year-old songwriter Steve Epley with help from Chris and Cindy Williams. Hippie sentiments come through on the anti-war ruminations of "If I Wanted To," and post-Beatles melodies show up on strong, optimistic tunes like "Slow Down" and the breezy, CSNY-like "What We Say (Everyday)." The album, absent of drums and probably recorded in a family den on a dusty reel-to-reel machine, glows with warmth and sincerity. The sound is decidedly private press, but Firesides and Guitars ranks among other obscure acid folk gems of its era like Deep Night by the Sixth Station or Linda Perhacs' classic psych folk wonder Parallelograms.


domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2014

the Barracudas - Live big gap 1978-1981

The Barracudas are an English based Anglo-Canadian band formed in the late 1970s. The band's original lineup consisted of: Jeremy Gluck (vocals), Robin Wills (guitar & vocals), David Buckley (bass & vocals) and Nick Turner (drums). They are notable for their summer 1980 hit Summer Fun, which started with an excerpt from a spoof 1960s advertisement for the Plymouth Barracuda, in which one of the announcers has difficulty pronouncing the word barracuda. The single reached number 37 in the UK singles chart. The original LP was Released Coyote Records in 1984 and is a very scarce item.

big gap

sábado, 6 de septiembre de 2014

Lyres - Nobody But Lyres 1992

Lyres are a Boston-area garage rock band led by Jeff Conolly, founded in 1979 following the breakup of DMZ. The original lineup of the band featured Conolly, Rick Coraccio (bass), Ricky Carmel (guitar), and Paul Murphy (drums).

Former DMZ members Coraccio, Murphy, and Peter Greenberg all rejoined Connolly in Lyres at some point from 1979 to the early 2000s.

Lyres were less active in 1989, due to Conolly living in California for a brief period. After a renewed period of activity in the early 1990s, the band went through a dormant period until 1999. The band has been playing regularly during the last two years. Conolly is the one member who has been in every lineup during the large number of Lyres personnel changes.


jueves, 4 de septiembre de 2014

SOJOUNER - Wings like an eagle [USA 1979] Jesus Music

Longhaired Jesus-rocking male foursome from Baton Rouge, Louisiana scores big with this homemade 500-press item. Keyboards are well represented (organ, piano, synthesizer, clavinet, orchestron) combining with some good lead electric guitar for a nice exuberant middle-ground progressive FM rock sound, not unlike the first couple DeGarmo & Key albums in that respect. Especially noteworthy is the classic six-minute hard-edged upbeat ‘Stumble Bumble’. ‘Cool Breeze’ glides along with a melodic folkrock groove. Balanced with some quieter material, like the moody acoustic ballad ‘Grandeur’. ‘Thank You’ states “we hope that you have found the WHOOSH!! that Jesus Christ can bring”. Cool custom-looking eagle cover. (The Archivist, 4th Edition by Ken Scott).


The Maggots - Monkey Time 2007

This Swedish group have raged through the garage punk scene since their formation in 1999, but for Monkey Time, their fourth album, they've aptly added a fourth member, organist Jens Lagergren, whose Farfisa organ washes their sound in a newfound psychedelia. Although the Maggots wiggled into a niche in the garage scene, their influences are more varied than that, ranging from classic R&B -- check out singer/guitarist Mans P. Mansson's homage to Chuck Berry on the storming covers of "Go Away" and "Tomato Juice," through British Invasion (best examples the Zombies tinged "You Don't Want Me"), and on to British punk, the Cramps, and in the case of "Make Me Fly" a bow to Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman," while their jubilant anthem "Ain't Nothing But a Maggot" will get everyone in earshot wriggling.

Lagergren's arrival allows the band's psych side to run wild, particularly on the Seed-ish "Now I Have to Go," the down and dirty "Temptation," and the aforementioned "Maggot." Even so, the organist is never going to upstage Mansson, whose blazing solos brilliantly flare up all over this set. Amazingly versatile, the guitarist is lithely capable of subtly switching styles on a dime. On "Go Away" he drags the song through Velvet Underground and Stooges territory, windmills it Chuck Berry style, and still runs straight into the Spencer Davis Group. There again, such feats are only possible because Mansson is supported by one of the best rhythm sections on the scene. If the guitarist is the band's fire, bassist Tomas Holm and drummer Jonas Lundberg are the fuel, with "Want Me" and the swampy R&B styled "The Sideshow" just a couple of their hottest numbers. A rip-roaring album, the excitement never lets up 'til Monkey Time's last note is played, but there's no monkeying around here, for the Maggots are too busy worming their way up to the top of the garage heap.


HAWAII MUD BOMBERS - Mondo Primo 2007

A cross between the Ramones and the Beach Boys, the Hawaii Mud Bombers are a Swedish band that play fun, energetic, surfy rock and roll. “Mondo Primo is simply a great pop record, unafraid to be overtly commercial, but achieved with a real passion for catchy melodies, a very impressive album.” - sohostrut.co.uk