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SUNLIGHT SKY SAXON & THE DRAGONSLAYERS - Breakin' Through The Doors [USA garage 1990] Elephant Records, Tapes & Videos SKY 01

The 1990 CD-only Breakin’ Through The Doors (subtitled In The Beginning) by Sunlight Sky Saxon [sic] and the Dragonslayers features Sky and his concurrent band covering several old Seeds songs, plus a couple non-Seeds nuggets. 

Behind Sky are his longtime musical partner Mars Bonfire (whose name is rendered as ‘Mars Bon Fire’) on keyboards, Gary Stern on bass, Paul Schofield on drums, and Tom Azevedo — under the pseudonym Magician Atomic — on guitar.

The sound of the Dragonslayers on Breakin’ Through The Doors is 1960s-garage with a slightly modern sophistication; the lead guitar is very distorted but mixed low while Mr. Bon Fire’s prominent day-glo keyboards dance loopily. The rhythm section of Gary and Paul is especially tight, and Gary’s bass is both melodic and understated. Sky Saxon sounds generally very excited throughout. (Rumors and tales of the psychonaut’s manic drug intake of this period don’t seem all that unbelievable).

Sky Saxon

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