lunes, 25 de marzo de 2019

OPHIUCUS - Ophiucus [France psychedelic folk 1972] 2007 Lion Productions LION 619M

French band OPHIUCUS was formed back in 1971, consisting of brothers Alain and Bernard Labacci, Jean-Pierre Pouret and Michel Bonnecarrere. This quartet opted to have their base of operations in the small town of Flagy, where they wrote material that was deemed interesting enough to land them a deal with Barclay Records. Their debut album Ophiucus was issued the same year, but a planned English version of this album was shelved. These alternate language versions would later surface as bonus tracks on reissues.

Ophiucus issued one more album, Salade Chinoise, in 1973. There are no records of activities from them after this point, and it is assumed that they disbanded soon after.

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