martes, 19 de marzo de 2019

MAD TIMOTHY - A Very Snug Joiner LP [USA hard psych late ’60s early ’70s] 2018 Out-sider OSR068

This is the first-ever release for this previously unknown late '60s/early '70s acetate, rescued from a thrift store in Chicago. Damaged heavy blooz-psych in the vein of Blue Cheer, Majic Ship, Mount Rushmore, Houston Fearless, Apryl Fool, Sweet Slag, Mutzie, Aum, Screw, or a wasted teenage Canned Heat. 


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GTSoci0path dijo...

I'm not sure if this is gonna reach you but i gotta get it out of my chest : I never got a chance to thank you during the past 2 years for the marvelous rare albums i could grab from your exquisite blog & it has been one of my most favorites since 2014. so Thank you Heartily for being around, I highly regard this place and i hope -regardless of the absence- you keep it alive for years to come. and i'm sure many fellow "leechers" share the same feelings.. On behalf of those "ungrateful" hungry souls out-there ; I say THANK you very much for all the effort and the time you invested in it ; highly appreciated.
My Best regards to you sir, and Stay_healthy during these crazy times.