miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

THOR'S HAMMER - Umbarumbamba...and more [Iceland garage beat 1965-67] 1997 Spor

Thor's Hammer, or Hljómar, was an Icelandic rock band primarily active in the 1960s. Outside of Iceland, they are known among music collectors for their rare releases on Parlophone, sung in English and recorded in London for export. The most famous of these is the 1966 EP Umbarumbamba, regarded as one of the rarest released records in the world[citation needed] and known to fetch prices into the thousands of dollars when a copy surfaces. Their style can be described as garage rock, fuzz rock, and freakbeat, with noticeable influences from both The Who and The Beatles.


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Thank you very much for this, as well as for LONDON DRI's album, itchin' to try them already... Thank you & best regards.