miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2015

LONDON DRI - Western Skies [USA garage psychedelic 1967-69] 2014 Break-A-Way

George Watters and Bruce Thomas created the band in 1965. George was the leader of The London Dri. He was so instrumental in getting our band started. Plus, credit is due to his parents who allowed us to practice in their home whenever we needed. They were like a second set of parents to us all.  Originally, The London Dri consisted of George (drums), Mark Vukalcic (keyboard), Jim Simpson (bass), Mike Mihelich (vocals), and myself (guitar).This group lasted a couple of years. Band members went in different directions. 

London Dri

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cuorediformaggio dijo...

Great music.
Thank you very much!!!

ComadrejaPep dijo...


Robert Charbonnier dijo...

Good 60s groups I haven't heard are becoming rare stuff, but from time to time there's one appearing.

It's always a great pleasure, thank you very much.

geololo dijo...

Hello, never heard about this band before. Sounds great, like many other obscure bands of this era.
The link is dead. Any chance for a reupload ?

lajso dijo...

new link?