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SUNNYBOYS - Individuals [AUSTRALIA rock 1982] 2015 Feel Presents FEEL 013

In 1982 Sunnyboys released their second album Individuals. Recorded just six months after delivering their self-titled debut album Sunnyboys, it showed the growth in then 21 year old songwriter Jeremy Oxley’s songwriting ability. It was an album with layered harmonies and guitar; a feel good, fun album. That is what it sounded like live, anyway. Unfortunately the vinyl (No CDs then) wasn’t the same.

Individuals was recorded in New Zealand and ultimately mixed in LA. But the final mix didn’t capture what the band had delivered in the studio. It began a long downward spiral of depression for Jeremy, and as documented in Kaye Harrison’s movie The Sunnyboy, Jeremy declared his songs had been “stolen” from him. For the rest of the band, they knew what they had done, and what it sounded like when they recorded. But what came back from LA was just not it.

But before it was taken to the States, veteran producer Lobby Loyde had provided a rough mix of the album presumably for the ears of Mushroom Records who were funding the operation. The band never heard these mixes.

30 years later Lobby Loyde passed away and his archive of tapes were discovered. Now the band has released this original “rough” mix as the new Individuals Deluxe Edition. Of the 11 tracks recorded for Individuals, eight were retrieved from Lobby’s archives with This Is Real, b-side Pain and the title track Individuals, the only songs remaining on the collection from the original release. There is also an inclusion also of a five-song radio broadcast from Sydney in 1982. Plus a bonus of the classic 7 inch version of Show Me Some Discipline, a favourite of all Sunnyboys fans…


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geololo dijo...


arrghh I should visit your excellent blog in a more regular fashion (time is missing!), looks like I missed the great Sunnyboys. I am proud to have the Lp at home but not the bonus tracks available on the CD reissue.
Any chance for a reupload, as well as the "Get some fun" CD ?
Thank you very much.

Anónimo dijo...

Please re-upload this. Thanks!!

Anónimo dijo...

Please, Need a re-up too.
Thanks for all you've done