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SUNNYBOYS - Get Some Fun [AUSTRALIA power pop 1984] 2015 Feel Presents FEEL 014

1984”s “Get Some Fun” took Sunnyboys in a heavier, darker direction and took a lot of fans by surprise. Recorded in the UK and followed by the usual treadmill touring, it was a musclebound bruiser of a record. There were psychedelic touches (the sparkling “Love ion a Box”), R & B inflected foot stompers (“Comes As No Surprise”) and introspective etchings (“The Stooge”) along with all the usual ’80s production excesses, but it was as good as any rock and roll record released that year.

Once you get past those ‘80s drum sounds, the guitars really had crunch. Jeremy’s vocals are right on the money and the deft playing lives up to the adventurous songwriting.

Of course, Jeremy’s downward spiral by that point is well documented. The band itself had been rubbed raw by incessant travel and the weight of expectations. If you want to hear how great they were, grab the “Live” album or listen to the bonus tracks on this re-issue, recorded at the sodden Narara Festival north of Sydney.

The redux “Get Some Fun” adds lesser-heard but worthy songs like “Bottom of My Heart” and “Safe Life”. There are no surprises but as a package, it holds up brilliantly well.

Both re-issues are teamed with liners base don band member interviews and updated cover art that makes perfect sense

Get Some Fun

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bristolboy dijo...

Damn - missed this - Any Chance of a re-up Please

Anónimo dijo...

I've just discovered your blog and you've got great taste in music and have put up some great (and rare) selections. One of those hard to find albums is this one - Sunnyboys-Get Some Fun.

Unfortunately it seems to have gone already. Is there any chance of uploading this again please?

Great blog. Great music.Thanks

Anónimo dijo...

Y en español. Gran blog. ¿Puedes subir este gran álbum raro de Sunnyboys por favor?
Voodoo Guru

Anónimo dijo...

Any chance of re-uploading this? Link no longer works. Thanks!