lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

THE VARCELS - Hang Loose With The Varcels [USA garagae 1967] 1997 Collectables

HANG LOOSE with the VARCELS JUSTICE JLP-147. Here is another ultra rare garage band LP produced by JUSTICE.


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Anónimo dijo...

Its nice to see that you are still active, i still have an old problem... you had in the beginning of your blog the great record of

The Unheard Of - REvoxination

i did never find the password for unpacking it, can you deliver it...

it would be very kind

Cheers to you

Woody dijo...


THE UNHEARD OF - Revoxination [USA garage psychedelic 2001] [Psych Out]


Anónimo dijo...

Hey Woody,
thank you that much, you make me very happy, i was waiting for years to get it, thank that very very much...

Keep in Shape
and all the best


geololo dijo...

Hello Woody,

looks like it's the request's day for me. As I discover a lot of bands thanks to your blog, listened to a few tracks of the hard to find The Unheard, sounds great. So once again, any chance for a reupload ?
Thank you very much.

lajso dijo...

New link?