lunes, 11 de septiembre de 2017

J. RIDER - No Longuer Anonymous + 10 bonus [USA psychedelic 1977] 2015 Machu Pichu Ltd

After the 1976 release of "Inside the Shadow", the group decided to change their name to J Rider (after the second cut on the Anonymous LP) and pursued a similar rich vein of impeccable songwriting, but this time adding more hard rock to the mix, resulting in a fantastic sounding album that sadly went unreleased at the time. The excellent reissue label OR Records first unearthed the tapes and put out a small edition of LPs in 1996, and we are now there's this new and deluxe edition of this gem, complete with new sleeve art.

tracks 1-6 : J RIDER "No Longer Anonymous" LP (1977-78)
tracks 7-16 : RON MATELIC & FRIENDS "Lunar Dust" (recorded throughout the 1990s with most of the original members of Anonymous on each track)


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