lunes, 16 de febrero de 2015

TRYAD - If Only You Believe In Lovin' [USA folk psychedelic 1972]

Tryad was a band from New York to be formed by trio , Jim Lasko, Jesse Lanzillotti, and Norine Lyons in early 70s. 
and They released '...If Only You Believe in Lovin'' lp on the Storm King records in 1972. At that time, New York local session men also joined in making alburm and they played rich sound with the various vibes of melodic folk, west coast influenced country rock and acid folk. 
Original lp is very rare and sold with above 1000 bucks once...In this time, this lp was reissued to cd by big pink and will be released soon. 
This is another great work to be very delightful to collectors..

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