martes, 24 de febrero de 2015

East Of The Altar (Altar EA-1500) 1977

This male Louisiana foursome’s custom reminds me a lot of the breezy sunshine approach of early Sweet Comfort. Spirited songs with a light jazzrock angle and a bit of jamming (some good electric guitar, organ, electric piano), along with a few loungy soft jazz ballads ala Sonlight. Opens with a version of Ken Medema’s ‘On A Day Like Today’ with brisk electric bass and Vibraphone soloing. Tell me they don’t sound dead-on like Sweet Comfort Band on ‘I May Never Pass This Way Again’. Cool echoed electric guitar solo on ‘Can I Trust Him With My Life?’. Shifts into moody realms for the dreamy ballad ‘Two Worlds’. Also some good rural folkrocking, including covers of songs by Dove (‘Preacher Man’), The Way (‘There’s A Love’) and The Talbots (‘Coming Home To Jesus’). ‘Show Them The Way’ closes the album with smooth-rippling bongo percussion, warm harmonies, summery organ and jazzy acoustic guitar soloing. Nice wholesome sound through and through. Colorful psychedelic cover.   (The Archivist, 4th edition by Ken Scott).


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Jennifer Blair dijo...

Cool to see. The drummer is still play and he plays with me in my band.