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OUT OF TIME - Stories We Can Tell & More [ITA garage rock 1985] 2015 AREA PIRATA APC29

Another amazing band is now back from the grave! Out Of Time were part of the 'neo-Sixties' underground movement during the mid-80s in Italy and were included in the legendary ‘Eighties Colours’ compilation.
Their short artistic life didn’t prevent the band to release a great album called "Stories We Can Tell" and share the stage with some of the most talented international bands of that time such as Long Ryders, Dream Syndicate, Smithereens, Go Betweens, That Petrol Emotion, Doctor and The Medics, Naked Prey...
This release includes their never reissued album "Stories We Can Tell" (1985) and many bonus tracks. 

Out Of Time

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Anónimo dijo...

Hi, any chace of a re-up


stupiddle dijo...

your archives have shares not seen anywhere else, some not even heard of to these ears & eyes - also noted is that many of these with expired links contain comments from other fans of yours requesting re-uploads (including this one)

are you no longer interested in keeping this music available or is it just your policy not to keep the links active? your decision in any case is respected, it is your blog, after all, but at least do folks the courtesy of responding to their requests, perhaps even create a post that explains your position

or not.. again, it's your thang

but these are some incredible-sounding works that unfortunately it appears no one else has ever shared and it would be a shame to let their memory pass

thanks for what you have done here anyway - hope you plan to keep up the good work

stupiddle dijo...

thanks for the re-up!