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FREDDY LYNXX & THE CORNER GANG - Bloodied Up [FR rock punk 1999] Julie Records BABE 001

From the Rockbrat Archives: Freddy Lynxx Interview 1999:
Freddy, you have a new album recorded and about to be released. Can you tell us a little about it ?
The title is ‘BLOODIED UP’ and it has been recorded in NY City at the famous Tin Pan Alley studios by Patrick Klein with lots of my great rock ‘n’ roll friends such as Kevin K, Mr Ratboy, the Senders and Elda Gentile to name but a few.

The songs sound consistently strong, and the album itself sounds very complete. Personally, I think it’s your strongest album by far. Would you agree ?
I don’t know, as I still have 2 other albums recorded in the same vain, so that’s really impossible for me to say.

The concept of using some classic lines from the spaghetti western films as song intros really adds to the authentic, gutsy feel of the album. Can we expect Dirty Harry on the next album ? 
I guess so, plus Mr Smith & Wesson !  

Will you be touring soon to support the album’s release ? There’s a tour that should start next year. Maybe March or April but the booking agency has suggested we’ll have to wait ’til the press review the album.  

What’s 2000 hold in store for Freddy Lynxx at this stage ? Nothing at all! But it should be fine for rock ‘n’ roll as in China it will be the year of the Dragon.  

Favourite Australian band ? Early AC/DC with Bon Scott (RIP), the Saints, Radio Birdman, Hoss.  

Shakin Street or Telephone ? 

None of them. For me it was a band called Extraballe. The best French lyrics, music and male singer.

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Freddy Lynxx

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