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THE MULTICOLOURED SHADES - Sundome City Exit [GER psychedelic 1987] ABC ABC LP 14

Best known for the 1987 single "Teen Sex Transfusion," Multicoloured Shades spent the mid- to late '80s purveying organ-heavy psychedelic rock. Formed in Marl, Germany in 1984, the band originally featured vocalist Pete Barany, guitarist Eddie Wagner, bassist Michael Doering, keyboardist Detlev "Det Bizarre" Bizer, and drummer Martin Heimes. Multicoloured Shades made their debut that year with a self-titled mini-album released on Last Chance Records, which they soon followed with 1985's full-length House of Wax. Wagner and Heimes left the group that year and were replaced, respectively, by Heinz-Werner Maleike and Bernd Gremm. This incarnation of Multicoloured Shades recorded 1987's Sundome City Exit, which featured "Teen Sex Transfusion." The lineup changes continued: Maleike left in 1988 and Wagner returned, while Doering also left that year and was replaced by Hansi Gralke. Multicoloured Shades released their third album, Ranchero!, and the single "Live My Life" in 1989, the same year keyboardist Peter Sauermann replaced founding member Bizer. The group disbanded in 1990 and briefly reunited in 2002, but Barany's death that year meant the end of Multicoloured Shades. The band's posthumous releases included 2015's Live in Berlin, which documented a 1987 show, and 2016's Lost Tapes EP. 

CD version 1987 Virgin 258320-222

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