jueves, 28 de julio de 2016

EPICYCLE - You're Not Gonna Get It [USA 1978-81] 2013 HoZac Records

Epicycle was the band that Ellis Clark (then known as Andrew Clark) founded in 1977. Epicycle went through 3 incarnations before it settled into its most commonly known line-up which consisted of Ellis (Andrew) Clark/Lead Vocals, Guitar & Keyboards, Robert Conte/Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar, Terry Turner/Guitar & Back Up Vocals, Keith Fox/ Drums (1979-1980) later to be replaced by Ellis Clark's brother Tom Clark/Drums (1980-1982).

During the years 1979-1981, Epicycle released 2 extended play 7-inch records, a 7 inch single ("School Girls" backed with "Residential Area") and a 12 song LP album entitled "Epicycle Special First Edition" all on their own label Cirkle Records. 


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Niall dijo...

Epicycle - School Girls & Residential Area 7’’ 1979


Woody dijo...

Thak you very much!!! Great single, great band.

Anónimo dijo...

Any chance of a re-up of this one?

Anyway, thank you for all your work.