miércoles, 20 de enero de 2016

ALBERT LEE - Black Claw & Country Fever [UK rural country rock 1991] Line Records

These recordings all in fact emanate from the sesions produced by Derek Lawrence back in 1968-70 which yielded the handful of hugely enjoyable (and nowadays highly collectable) Bell singles which appeared at the time, and the promise of albums to come - which until now have languished unheard/unreleased/neglected in the vaults of De Lane Lea's studios in Wembley. These sessions have, of course, achieved something approaching legendary status over the ensuing twenty-odd years: much coveted by both Albert and Chas afficianados, a few dodgy tapes have circulated, and the records themselves have gradually become massively overpriced collectors' items. Five singles appeared: "That's All Right"/"Best I Can"; credited to Albert Lee; "Tears Of Rage"/"Too Much Of Nothing" credited to Country Fever; "Accross The Gread Divide"/"Sally" credited to Black Claw (although "Good Times" appeared as the A-side in the US, on Lawrence's own Revolver label); "I'm A Preacher"/"In Our Sweet Time" by the Derek Lawrence Statement; and "Baby I Love Love You"/"Come Back To My Lonely World" by Tony Wilson. Rumours as to the identity of the remaining tracks have long circulated - and at long last, here they are. 

L e e

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