martes, 4 de agosto de 2015

CANAAN - Canaan [UK xian folk rock 1973]

If you’re tired of those country rock homogenized Eagles clones that proliferated in the ’70s you need to check out the British group Canaan. These four guys bring a refreshing progressive element to the genre that is often lacking in their American counterparts. ‘They Call Me A Rock And Roll Gypsy’ is the opening rocker that sets the stage for the spirited optimistic tone felt throughout the album. Gus Eyre’s guitar work (frequently fuzzed) really cooks — ‘Follow Me’ and ‘Lonely Man’ both have acid leads, while ‘Mr. Jones’ and ‘Jesus Revolution’ heavily utilize the reverb effect. Slide guitar can be found on the later, as well as on ‘Seek First The Kingdom’ and ‘Place Of My Dreams’. Harmonica graces a few songs, including ‘Seventeen’. The seven-minute ‘Death Gave Way — Trilogy’ closes the album with more lively guitar action. Bob Fraser’s lead vocals suit the style well, while the group harmonies often attain a Moody Blues-like depth. Producer John Pantry’s periodic organ and string synthesizer fits in perfectly. One of the top Dovetail releases. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition).

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JeanBernardFrance dijo...

Thanks for this very good Xian album.

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