martes, 16 de junio de 2015

Thornton, Fradkin and Unger and The Big Band - Pass on This Side [1974]

Including Paul Thornton who had previously been in The Godz, this album has nothing in common with his earlier avant garde work. It is in fact largely inspired by Dylan circa 1966 and The Byrds (Roger McGuinn even gets a "Special Thanx"). The material was written by Fradkin and Thornton and features some good tracks with 12 string guitar: Walkin Guitar Blues, Oh Woman, God Bless California (with Paul and Linda McCartney!), Sometimes or Jimi (a rip-off of Hey Joe dedicated to Hendrix). 

Another New Yorker, David Peel, guests on one track, a version of his To Err Is Human. This is strongly "influenced" by Dylan's Maggie's Farm, with lyrics like "I'm just a human being that don't give a damn". The album was recorded in New York between 1970 and 1974 and produced by Fradkin. 


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Pete dijo...

A friend pointed me today to your site and, indeed, it's awesome!
Many of the old posts' links no longer work :( can you please re-upload?
Congrats and keep up the wonderful work!

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It's useless to ask for a re-upload here, no way but there is one thing you can do ; Keep track! like i do, & get it while you can! x)
Thank you very much for sharing this piece i'm very interested in trying it especially after doing a little research about it in the net, pretty much nothing available , Thank you very much once again buddy.