viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2014

FAST CARS - Well...You Started It [UK revival mod] 2007 Detour Records

Hailing from Manchester, The Fast Cars were very under rated and never got the breaks they so deserved, often been likend to The Undertones and many punk related bands, judge for yourself, Punk, Mod, New Wave or even Indie! Who cares? They sound f'ing awesome!, thinking back to the good old days your mind always seems to link The Fast Cars with their awesome tune "The Kids Just Wanna Dance", well pass by anything else from that period and listen to this new offering from the powerpop kings! 

Formed way back in October 1977 after following their punk counterparts, The Buzzcocks, The Drones & Joy Division the quartet of Steve Murray--vocals, Stuart Murray--bass guitar, Craig Hilton--guitar & Tony Dyson on drums released their first single way back in 1979 and have rightly so, grown from strength to strength to such a level that their are more popular now than they ever were with fansites on the net all over the globe! And the highest accolade newer bands of today cite them as Influences! Up steps the remarkable undisputed king of Revival, Dizzy and his Detour Records crew to conjour up this album featuring classic tracks from the 70`s that have been lost in time and now re-recorded for our listening pleasure!
This new album (2007) from Manchester's excellent FAST CARS features not only new tracks but also five of their classic songs from the 70's that have been re-recorded and holy shit is it 
overflowing with enthusiasm and energy.

Fast Cars

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