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Mushroom - Cream of Mushroom [1998]

MUSHROOM are a music collective based in the San Francisco Bay Area, known for an ever-changing lineup of rotating players. Alec Palao (bass), multi-instrumentalist Erik Pearson and drummer Patrick O'Hearn aka Pat Thomas shape the band's core since the beginning in the late 1990s. In collaboration with Graham Connah (keyboards), Tim Plowman (guitar) and Kurt Statham (bass) the first album 'Alive And In Full Bloom' was recorded around 1997/98 and released by Inbetweens Records. 

'Never make the same album twice' - this seems to be the band's motto up to now. So their huge musical output is basically derived from improvisational sessions comprising a thrilling blend of styles in total. Where acid psych folk is the fundament, they often combine this with jazzy respectively canterbury moments reminiscent to Gong/Daevid Allen and Miles Davis. Mostly provided with a trippy atmosphere the albums can be considered as really special. The rich instrumentation includes diverse ethno percussion instruments. Due to the band's experimental attitude they are even sometimes classified as a krautrock outfit. 

Appearing one year later 'Analog Hi-Fi Surprise' is frequently considered as their discog highlight. MUSHROOM's latest production 'Naked, Stoned & Stabbed' was released by UK label 4Zero Records. Ned Doherty (bass), Matt Cunitz (keyboards), Dave Brandt (percussion) and Josh Pollock (guitar, electronics) are additionally aboard this time to produce another relaxed album holding a great deal of improvisation. 

MUSHROOM are worth remarking if you like to enjoy psych music which is presented off the beaten path.


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