lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

DIMENTIA 13 - Disturb the Air [1989]

Disturb The Air was the third Dimentia 13 album. It came out in 1989, though it was recorded in 1988. The producer was Glenn Rehse of the band Plasticland.

Dimentia 13

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a wanderer dijo...

What a bad'ass rotten luck,.. This Dimentia 13's album is deleted as well, feel like swearing in languages i ignore already... it was such a great thing to see you posting two of their releases around here, considering how hard it is to get hands on those underrated fantastic gems. so if you can restore'em once again by re-uploading ; it'll be just perfect & highly appreciated... Any chance please ?!..
..& by the way, after a re-upload request ; the fellow blogger on "PsychedelicPsauma" shared their 1987 release: "Mirror Mind", very 'psychedelic Garage' reviving demonstration if some of you readers are interested,...
i suggest to go get it while it's still there if you don't want to be in my shoes.. x)
Thank you anyway ; i hope you can do something about it & give us a chance to enjoy this once again. Other than that ; i'd say "Bravo" for the content you're working on around here, valuable & significant posts smells good from so far away & there is a lot to discover.

Anónimo dijo...

Please re-upload. Thanks!!