lunes, 18 de julio de 2011

Various Artists - Nuggets From Southern California 1964 - 1967

Ace Records releases the third volume exploiting the fascinatingly quirky Downey Records catalogue.
While the much-lauded first compilation was an instrumental collection ("Intoxica!"), and the second was a rock`n'roll collection that spanned the pre-Beatle era ("It Came From The Suburbs"), this collection brings us gems from Southern California's suburban garage-land.
All great garage-punkers and psychedelic whimsical delights of a jangly mixed-up nature! This is essentially a re-issue of a long-deleted and much-missed comp called "Scarey Business", which was released and then quickly withdrawn in 2001. That collection had 13 Downey gems pulled from the tape vaults by Ace's Alec Palao, mixed with tracks from two other labels. This new compilation re-introduces all those Downey cuts plus another nine from the same source, including many unreleased tracks.

Nuggets From Southern California

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Hola ! Muchas gracias
por la musica, I did not know this comp existed lo gusta mucho
greetings from germany
(my english is better than my spanish debo apprender mas)